Call for Abstracts

You are invited to submit an abstract for a presentation at the IRSC 2020 webinars which will take place on 19th, 20th and 21st October 2020. All submissions for the webinars require an abstract.

Abstracts must be submitted by no later than Friday 24th July 2020. Abstracts will be reviewed by two members of the conference organising committee.

The theme at the 30th IRSC conference will be Looking Back, Looking Forward; we are keen to hear about:

  • Learning from incidents and planning change. For example:
    The Railway’s response to the pandemic
    Novel decision-making processes
    Learning from previous change management: new approaches or technologies, successes and challenges
    Approaches to ensure the change is properly implemented and monitored
    The risks of transition and how to manage these
  • Collaborating across the workforce
  • What’s next looking forward to 2050. For example:
    Threats and opportunities for the railway industry from disruptive technology or events
    Helping avert climate emergency and the carbon reduction agenda: risk assessing alternative fuels, their use, storage and distribution
  • Learning and sharing from railways in Scotland. For example:
    Maintaining infrastructure in remote locations
    Level crossings in rural locations

The submission process will prompt you to enter the following information:

1. A title

2. An abstract

3. Author & Co-author details

  • Your content may be typed directly into the text box or pasted from another document into the online abstract submission form.
  • The abstract word limit is 500 words.
  • Abstracts must contain text only – no diagrams, illustrations, tables, references or graphics should be included.

On acceptance of an abstract, authors will be required to submit and deliver a PowerPoint presentation. All presentations will be recorded and shared publicly post-event.

Key Dates

7 August 2020
Extended deadline for abstract submissions
August 2020
Confirm accepted abstracts
5 October 2020
Powerpoint presentations due
19 October 2020
First webinar
20 October 2020
Second webinar
21 October 2020
Third webinar

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